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Flight suit & uniform

Flight suit

YOU Corporation offers the customs needs select of safe and practical flight suits, flight helmets, and other items designed to meet on-the-job needs. We provide our customers with satisfactory products that incorporate advances and developments in the aviation market as well as in the fields of aeromedical services (helicopter emergency medical services) and disaster medical assistance (DMAT).

This YOU original two type flight suit emphasizes functionality, making it matching for use in the field. We offer all parts such as microphones, speakers, and cables order-made. We also have a variety of other products that can be installed. Please contact us with your requests.

Made of thin fabric so it can also be used during the summer. This YOU original two-piece suit emphasizes functionality, incorporating features such as sleeves that can be unzipped and removed to make the suit short-sleeved, which makes it ideal for use in the field.

*We also have an original (one-piece) flight suit.

Features of YOU original flight suits

You can change the design of the suit, such as the lines and the positioning of the pockets, to fit your needs.

Emergency scrubs

・Come with a breast pocket for a smartphone or the Mobilephone in-hospital use.PHS!
・Breathable mesh on the sides keeps you comfortable even in summer!
・The flexible sides also make movement easier, which is useful for air medical teams and DMATs!